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Simona Buonanno was born in Nápoles, 1991. At the age of 6 she began studying classical dance at the school of the deputy artistic director of San Carlo, Maestro Lino Vacca. She continues her studies with the best masters in the sector, also starting to study modern and contemporary dance.

At 20 she began her studies of Caribbean dances. At 21 she joined the prestigious MSC cruise ships as a dance teacher. Beginning to travel the world achieving her last embarkation in South America. At the age of 24 she began teaching Caribbean dances, and began competing, always ranking on the podium. In 2017 she embarked on her bachata career with the dancer Maurizio Bollo. In just a few months they are classified in 1st place of the BachataStars Italy that take them to the world championships.

Alongside Maurizio she began to tour and be present in national and international congresses. She ranks 1st as a solo salsa soloist, thus entering the semifinals for the Pasos libre, the world competition. 3 ° World Bachata Fusion - 3 ° Mundial Pasos libre salsa. Thus establishing herrself as an international artist. Actually she continues her solo career, affirming her lady style style.

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