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Migle started dancing in 2009 with "Show dance". For several years she has been trying various disciplines of dance such as folk dance, contemporary dance and modern dance. Later she was interested in street dances ("Hip Hop", "Locking", "Popping", "House"), which eventually became a big part of Migle's life. During seven years of dancing street dances, she trained in various dance studios, improved her skills in Lithuanian and foreign competitions and championships and gained experience from professionals. After some time she decided to try something new again and realize herself in one more different style. Migle started with Latin dances, Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba and since then she has not missed a single opportunity to learn and improve. Now she is focusing on her new projects and goals based on her unconditional love of dance and teaching.
“When I discovered this style, I completely felt my freedom of movement, which I always looked for in other dance styles. I hope my way of expressing myself will inspire to learn more and to feel the same way.’’

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